Breeding/kitten plans

Mina and Stasik

These two love birds had lovely kittens in 2017. These kittens are now living very happily in their new homes.

For 2018 we are planning to let them have a romantic meet up in autumn around August/September time.





Raze and Ramina

We are hoping that our new boy and one of our new girls Ramina will produce some lovely kittens when they are allowed to go on a date in July 2018.

Raze and Lana (Iolanta)

Our second new girl and boy will also be allowed to go on a date this summer. Hopefully June/July time.

Moya and Stasik

Moya and Stasik has 5 lovely kittens in 2017. Who all live with fantastic families now. Moya was spayed after her last litter as it was really hard on her. She now lives a very happy life with her new owner, being spoilt and pampered every day.