Welcome to our Siberian house


Here at Rusik Siberians we occasionally have Siberian kittens that need a new slave to look after them. We might also in the future consider finding a new home for one of our breeding queens that is retiring. We love our cats and they are very much part of our family. Nothing less would do for a potential new home for any of them.

We operate a waiting list for kittens that are due, so you need to contact us to register your interest. Please bear in mind that Siberians are extremely popular cats and demand far outweighs supply, so you might be waiting for a while. Also note, that we cannot guarantee a boy or girl or what colour cat you want. We know what the options are for colours, but we don’t always get all the varieties. This is one of the things that is so exciting with breeding, you never know what genetics and nature has produced.

You have probably often heard that cats are happy with their own company and do not need other cats to be happy. However, we have seen that our Siberians make very close attachments to each other. They miss each other when not together and as soon as they are reunited they greet each other by rubbing their head together and sniffing each others behind. We often find them cuddled up together on one bed instead of spreading out on their own beds.

Siberians are very playful – we can spend a long time throwing things, using a laser pointer and hiding stuff for them to find. They are also in general very cuddly. If held lots when kittens, like ours are, they normally love curling up on your lap, and will often come to lay on top of my computer or papers if I’m working. They are great with children. In fact one of our females is a bit hand shy with adults, but as soon as the kids get hold of her, she will snuggle up in their arms for long periods at a time.

Having been an owner of bengal cats in the past, I can safely say that the Siberian breed is very quiet in comparison. They do not have a loud meow, but more like a chirrup. They are happy to talk to you and our boy Stasik, seems to have conversations with me on a daily basis. The Siberian cat needs company. They have often been described as having dog like qualities. They greet us at the door when we come home and like to be fussed over straight away.

We welcome you to have a look around the site and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Hopefully we can help you become a happy owner of one of these bundles of joy sometime in the future.