Breeding Plans

We always have lots of breeding plans in place for our cats, but because they are animals these plans do not always go to plan. Therefore we choose not to publish when we breed our girls. The best thing is to contact us directly to discuss what you are looking for and for us to get to know you before you are then added to our waiting list for a kitten. We cannot make and guarantees for when a kitten will become available to you, because we just don’t know how many kittens there will be in the litter, if they are healthy etc. Once you are on our waiting list we do our best to stay in touch with you to explain about the plans and what time frame we are looking at.

To be placed on our waiting list we will have to speak to you on the phone first. This is part of our screening and we do not place people on the waiting list that we have not spoken to first. So that first phone call is very important.

Our Facebook page is a great place to see announcement of births of kittens and lots of pictures of previous litters, read reviews from kitten owner etc. Our Facebook page is: Rusik Siberian Cats