History and philosophy of breeding Siberian Cats

There are many versions of how the Siberian came to be a ‘pedigree’ cat. This article is by far the most authentic, written by Dr. Irina Sadovnikova, WCF Int, All Breed Judge. This is the link to the article: http://pawpeds.com/pawacademy/general/siberiancat/

What to expect from a Siberian:

Unique character of Siberians continues to attract people in many countries too the breed. Siberians combine independence and loyalty, heavy muscles and suddenly great leaping ability, solid constitution and surprisingly soft voice that consists of chirps and squeaks rather than commonly known meooooow. The cat frequently answers its owner and can even remember two or three names.

Siberians are great hunters. None of the butterflies, moths, mice, beetles will be left without attention. If the live object absent, a SIB cat can play with toys for long time. Furthermore, the cat will constantly drag the owner into playing. It is very easy to teach a Siberian to fetch. Anything, even a modest piece of fur or paper can be the subject of great game. Siberians require intense playing for disposing of excess energy. Potential SIB owner should consider the fact that it will be necessary to devote considerable time for playing and paying attention to the cat. When interested, Siberians are great problem solvers. They easily remember where a toy was put yesterday; they can take it and ask to play with them by touching you with a paw. We can attest to that, as when moving house once we found Stasik’s (now retired) stash of soft toys he liked to chew on.

The Clean Genealogy philosophy: 

If you are interested in learning more about the Siberian cats and the philosophy behind the clean genealogy breeding, this website is a brilliant resource. Our aim is to breed Siberian cats with little or no NEM (neva masquerade) in the entire pedigree of the cat: http://siberiancatbreederscentral.com/